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October 13, 2021

With the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, hemp-derived products became legal in the United States. In the three years since there has been a boom of CBD products on the market. The increased availability of CBD products and the body of research showing its benefits for the mind and body have made CBD a viable option for those looking for natural wellness aids.

Many people turn to CBD to help them manage body aches, gain faster muscle recovery, and ease into a relaxed state that allows for better rest at night. CBD tinctures for sleep are made specifically to aid in relaxation, including calming flavonoids and terpenes in the mix.

To ensure you are using the best CBD products for rest, there is a wide range of information to consider, such as the contents of the CBD product, how you use it, and the additional features that may help induce a sense of calm.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the hemp plant. CBD’s unique chemical makeup allows it to interact with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS) through the CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors found throughout the body. The ECS plays a vital role in regulating bodily functions like sleep, appetite, mood, and memory.

CBD is found in hemp and marijuana plants. While the hemp plant and marijuana plant are technically the same, there is a difference in the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) they contain. THC is the psychoactive compound responsible for the high feeling people get when using marijuana. A plant with less than 0.3 % THC is called hemp, while a plant with more than this amount is called marijuana.

By law, CBD products must be hemp-derived and contain no more than 0.3% THC. This means that when you use a CBD product, you will not experience a psychoactive reaction; instead, you will simply benefit from CBD’s wellness properties.

CBD Products

CBD’s growing popularity has led to an incredible amount of retail shops and products available to the public. In the Atlanta, Georgia metro area, the Amavi Collective offers a wide array of CBD products like tinctures, oils, isolates, gummies, bath bombs, and terpsolate.

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil/Tincture

CBD oil is the most popular form of CBD. Although tinctures are traditionally made by soaking a botanical in alcohol, CBD tinctures and oils tend to refer to the same product type. A full-spectrum CBD tincture contains CBD extract and hemp seed oil and is taken by placing the recommended amount under your tongue. Placing the oil under your tongue allows it to absorb directly into your bloodstream. This is a faster method of CBD use than ingesting edibles.

Tinctures will not get you high, but they may contain up to 0.3% THC content. CBD oils and tinctures are also added to many beverages like teas and coffees to deliver their desired properties.

  • CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form. Sold in both powder and crystalline versions, the isolate doesn’t contain any THC, flavonoids, or terpenes from the hemp plant. This makes it odorless and flavorless. CBD isolate is preferred by those who want to keep any THC out of their system or enjoy the perks of CBD without any additional compounds.

  • Topical CBD Products

There are many topical CBD products available that help with on-the-spot aches and discomfort. Salves, lotions, face serums, and bath bombs all externally deliver CBD’s benefits. Simply rub your preferred product onto your skin to feel its benefits. When you use hemp-derived products on your skin, the plant extracts aid in improving your skin’s moisture and elasticity.

  • CBD Gummies and Capsules

A growing number of people are opting for capsules containing powdered CBD extract and delicious gummies to get their sense of relaxation and calm. Gummies are a fun way to take CBD and give you a burst of flavor and sweetness. They are less bitter than tinctures, and for those who are allergic to the carrier oil in CBD oil, these products provide a good alternative. Capsules are a no-fuss option and provide pre-measured amounts of CBD so that you can simply grab one and swallow it with some water to reap the benefits.

Benefits of CBD

When used effectively, you can reap the many benefits of CBD oil for your mental and physical state of being. CBD is a natural product, free of synthetic chemicals, and is a great way to manage several issues that might arise in your body. The benefits of using high-quality CBD products include:

  • Quicker recovery after a challenging workout
  • Better relaxation
  • Less muscle soreness and stiffness
  • An elevated feeling of wellness
  • Reduced nausea
  • A sense of deep calm and serenity
  • Reduced anxiousness and nervousness
  • Enhanced appetite control
  • Minimization of bodily aches

When starting out, it may be helpful for you to keep track of any fluctuations in the amount you use and how it affects your body to learn what amount is right for you.

Possible Side Effects of CBD

In most people, CBD produces little to no unwanted side effects. However, it is a natural product and therefore may cause slight reactions in some users. Potential side effects include appetite changes, diarrhea, fatigue, and possible drug interactions. However, research is still ongoing, and many side effects are observed in those who take large amounts of CBD or use it in conjunction with illicit substances. Despite possible side effects, most users report that CBD can be a helpful, low-risk anxiety treatment that is natural and safe.

If you are new to CBD products, it is beneficial to check with your healthcare provider to ensure any medical conditions or medications you take won’t react with CBD and cause negative interactions. Also, consider speaking with a reputable CBD retailer, like Amavi Collective, that can help you choose the best CBD product and dosage amounts for your needs. Stop by our Calhoun CBD store to talk to someone in person or message us online.

Using CBD for Sleep

Many people turn to CBD to help them calm their minds and gain a sense of rest, relaxation, and peace. CBD is known to aid users in these areas and reduce bodily and mental discomfort due to daily stress and activity. When using CBD tinctures to help you get some shut-eye, there are several factors to consider.

First, it is helpful to identify your wellness goals. Ask yourself what is keeping you from getting a good night’s rest. This might affect what type of CBD product you use. If you struggle with winding down after a long day, using CBD bath bombs to get into a relaxed state of mind before bed is sure to give you that extra feeling of peace that can help you drift easily into rest.

Also, think about the form of CBD you prefer to use. Several products may help you get some shut-eye, from gummies to topical lotions. The most popular form of CBD for rest is a tincture or CBD oil. With these methods, all you have to do is place the dropper under your tongue and allow the oil or tincture to soak into your mouth. This is a quick way to reap the relaxing perks of CBD quickly and easily. CBD capsules for manageable, pre-measured amounts of CBD and lotions and salves are designed to ease aches from overusing your muscles.

CBD isolate, the purest form of CBD comes in powdered or crystalline form and can be mixed with food and drink. The good thing about CBD isolate is that it only contains CBD. Therefore it has no additional flavors or scents. Consider adding CBD isolate to your evening chamomile or valerian root tea for an extra relaxing experience that will leave you stress-free and ready to dream. If this versatility appeals to you, then our Isolate CBD Tincture is the perfect choice.

CBD products come in various forms and flavors, affecting how they help you drift off into unbothered slumber. Full-spectrum CBD products contain flavonoids and terpenes that work together in an entourage effect to produce results. Products like facial serums containing relaxing scents give you the double benefit of CBD and the botanical relaxation properties of lavender or chamomile.

Amavi Collective is a reputable CBD retailer with a passion for natural wellness. The company is based out of Calhoun, Georgia, where they give customers access to high-quality, third-party tested CBD products that are perfect for helping you get the rest you need to feel happy and whole.

Calm Your Evenings With CBD

To gain a better overall sense of wellness and calm, you need to have quality rest at night, including REM sleep. With premium CBD products from Amavi Collective, you can relax and unwind from your stressful day and drift into dreams quickly and effortlessly.

Try our full-spectrum CBD tincture, lavender-infused CBD night face mask, or serenity-inducing CBD bath bombs to see how CBD changes your nighttime routine. As a reputable source of third-party tested CBD products, we are eager to help you discover the benefits. Get your CBD delivered to your door by ordering online.

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