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June 21, 2021

Restless nights were a constant occurrence for our customer and she was eager to find something, anything, that worked for her. 

She started out on her CBD journey as a skeptic; she now credits CBD with invigorating her daily routine so she could start to pursue the health and fitness goals of her dreams.

Here’s what she had to say, 

“I thought CBD was just a trend or moneymaker but being desperate to find a sleep aid I decided to give it a try.  

After about a week of CBD from Amavi my sleep improved. Then, a week later, keloid scars started to heal and appear as normal scars.

I even took another step and decided to hire a personal trainer -  and after a serious workout now, my body doesn’t hurt! I want my life back and I fully believe CBD is aiding in that process. 

I fully credit CBD and Amavi with getting my body well enough to actually feel like functioning properly” - Andrea W  #customerforlife

Are you having trouble getting a good night’s rest? Do these aches and pains sound all too familiar to you? Check out our list of recommended products for similar ailments.

What We Recommend

  • Sleep Aid: A huge part of feeling your best is quality sleep. Ease your overworked mind and get to sleep comfortably tonight with Amavi Collective’s Full Spectrum CBD Capsules.
  • Lessening the Appearance of Scars: The Skin Repair Stick aids your body's natural healing process while reducing the appearances of wrinkles and scars. A topically applied CBD product, crafted with all natural and organic ingredients, goes beneath the skin to help the body produce its own collagen to leave you glowing from within.
  • Soothing Muscles After a Workout: Training is great for you but can be hard on the body. For post-workout relief try our CBD Pain & Ache Relief Stick.
  • Drops for Meal Enhancement: Our CBD Full-Spectrum Tincture drops can be added to coffee, tea, or even salad dressings. Nutrition is key for optimal health, in combination with exercise, stress-management, and sleep - products that make getting these factors under control is something we fully support.


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