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December 03, 2021

When it comes to CBD oil, the product’s potency affects how you experience the benefits of the botanical. A higher potency product typically means you’ll feel the effects more intensely than with lower concentrations of CBD. Those who are looking to ease chronic physical discomfort or extreme nervousness may need a higher potency to gain relief than someone who prefers less potency for moderate wellness issues. 

Whatever your goals are for using CBD oil, it is helpful to understand how the potency of CBD is determined, what benefits you can expect from using high-potency products, and where you can find third-party tested high-potency CBD oil in Calhoun, Georgia to incorporate into your daily routine. 

What is High-Potency CBD?

CBD is one of many naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Products like CBD oil tinctures allow you to experience various health benefits of CBD oil such as lessened discomfort, increased ability to relax and rest, and overall sense of better well-being. The amount of CBD in a product can change the intensity with which you experience these beneficial side effects. This measurement is referred to as the product’s potency. 

While all CBD products from a reliable retailer contain some level of CBD, high-potency CBD products contain a large number of milligrams of CBD per volume of product. This increases the CBD concentration and creates a highly potent product. 

How is CBD Potency Measured?

Generally, anything over 3,000MG CBD is considered high-potency, but to measure a product’s full potency its strength and type should be considered. 

  • CBD Strength

Potency refers to a CBD product’s strength. Trustworthy CBD oil products rely on third-party lab testing results to determine the strength of their product. They then place the total milligrams of CBD on the CBD oil label. 

When assessing the strength of a CBD oil, keep in mind that the milligrams listed are for the entire bottle rather than the amount of CBD per serving. Regular strength CBD products contain anywhere from 500MG to 3,000MG, while strong CBD oils contain 3,000MG or more.

  • CBD Type

The second factor that helps determine the potency of a CBD product is what type of product it is. 

Full spectrum CBD oil, sometimes called full spectrum hemp extract, contains multiple cannabinoids to encourage the Entourage Effect in users. The Entourage Effect occurs when multiple cannabinoids and other phytochemicals work together to augment the effects of CBD to reduce nervousness, increase restfulness, and dull discomfort. 

Broad spectrum CBD oil is similar to full spectrum; however, unlike full spectrum oils that contain up to 0.3% THC, this type of CBD is THC-free. This type of CBD is still considered potent, however you won’t benefit from the Entourage Effect. 

CBD isolate is a form of CBD which contains no THC or other plant extracts. It is CBD in its most pure form. Pure isolate is a good choice for people with sensitivity to THC. While pure isolate can have high concentrations of CBD, it is not thought to be as potent as full spectrum oil. 

How to Choose the Right Potency

When choosing a CBD product based on potency, it’s helpful to consider what your goals are for using the product and what experience you have with using CBD in the past. 

If you are new to using CBD products, start slow with a low-potency dose. High-potency CBD is a powerful natural remedy, but until you know how your body reacts to different types of CBD products, you need to take a lower dose. 

For those who have some experience with CBD and who are facing higher levels of discomfort or mental stress, high-potency CBD from a trusted retailer like Amavi Collective is a great natural option. It can promote a natural rest cycle, relieve bodily discomfort, boost motivation, and induce a sense of calm when used appropriately. 

High-potency CBD in particular offers:

  • A cost-effective natural health solution
  • The ability to scale your dosage as needed
  • High CBD potency without the added psychoactive effects of THC

When using high-potency products for the first time, start with low doses and track your results. This allows you to find the right dose of the highly concentrated compound to meet your needs. 

High-Potency CBD Oil from Amavi Collective

High-potency CBD oil is an effective way to experience the health benefits that CBD products can offer those who want to increase their sense of wellbeing and alleviate discomfort in their body. When choosing a high-potency CBD oil, shop with Georgia-based Amavi Collective to find the right product and potency for you. 

Our products are third-party lab tested and sourced from licensed hemp farms in the U.S. With Amavi, you get clean, pure products that you can trust to meet your needs. View our collection of CBD products online or stop by one of our partner retailers in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area. 

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